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Ashley Gerst
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Ashley Gerst

Art Exhibition
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Ashley Gerst
The Spirit Seam: Sets and Clips, 2018
Mixed-media animation


The Spirit Seam: Sets and Clips, features sets and clips from her animated film The Spirit Seam.


Ashley Gerst has spent years painstakingly researching the lives of Appalachian people in mid century mining country. From the houses they lived in, to the furniture they used, and the cars they drove to the mines are all recreated in the magical yet realistic world that The Spirit Seam takes place in.


January 23rd – February 13th, 2018

Opening reception was held on Tuesday, January 23rd as part of the Oxford Fiber Arts Festival, Pop Up Oxford, and The Oxford Film Festival.


Ashley Gerst is a 3D, 2D and stop motion animator based out of Brooklyn, NY. She splits herself into thirds: as a freelance animator, adjunct professor of animation, and as an independent filmmaker. Ashley considers herself to be a digital circus performer: a tightrope walker hovering precariously between the commercial arts and fine arts. Her goal is to create fantastical animations that ground their audience in a new kind of reality by revisiting folklore as a digital, glitterfied, and hand crafted physicality.