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Eric Valosin
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Eric Valosin

Art Exhibition
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Eric Valosin
for loop, 2017
Algorithmic prayer beads


A “for loop” is how a computer views an image. The programming function moves through the image, pixel by pixel, performing some action with each pixel before moving on to the next. Yet the same logic, in fact, could describe the use of prayer beads across many eastern and western religious traditions, as one moves from bead to bead, performing some prayer with each bead before moving on the the next.


The installation consists of a strand of push-button prayer beads which facilitates a meditation on an image, pixel by pixel, each bead changing the color of the light in the room to the color of that pixel. Viewers are invited, one-by-one, to immerse themselves in these meditative images, iterating through them and connecting with this simultaneously ancient and contemporary practice.


October 24th – November 14th, 2017

Opening reception held on Tuesday, October 24th from 6pm – 8pm


Eric Valosin is a New Jersey based artist and seeker of the techno-sublime. Using light and projection with drawing, painting, and interactive new media, his work explores the potentials of mystical experience since postmodernism, in a world whose space is more often cyber than sacred and whose world-views have begun to transcend conventional transcendence. His work has been exhibited widely throughout the greater New York area and internationally.