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Desiree Dawn Kapler

Art Exhibition
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In below the neck, above the knees, a filmmaker shares diaristic stories from her life, contemplating the different ways in which one could feel trauma, and explores the act of violation in the context of trauma and healing. In Home, layers of destroyed photographs light up footage with flames. Collect. Save. Document. Repeat. The filmmaker walks through the rubble. Images of the before and after exist as one.

These films are being displayed as a video installation for the first all female media arts exhibit Silent Reflections.

Desiree Dawn Kapler is a southern artist and filmmaker from Mississippi. She is a childhood cancer survivor and self-proclaimed feminist artist. Her work centers primarily around health and the body, which comes from her personal perspective as a woman growing up lowerclass and with medical hardships. Desiree was awarded the Mississippi and the Arts Scholarship in the Fine Arts division in 2010 and a scholarship from the Mississippi State Committee of the National Museum for Women in the Arts in 2014. Her work has been exhibited/screened nationally and internationally.