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Brooke White

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The photographs in Light Transcended describe fleeting moments, defined by light, that occur in our daily lives and have the potential to turn the unfamiliar into the familiar. The morning light that grazes the top of my daughters’ head, or the simplicity of the sun setting and rising can describe, in an instant, when light becomes the sole subject of the photograph. It is in this brief period of time where we can be transported to an unnamed place that is simultaneously old and new all over again.

This body of work is on display as part of the first all female media arts exhibit Silent Reflections.

Brooke White is both a practicing artist and educator specializing in photography. White has exhibited her photographs and videos nationally and internationally including the Hammer Museum, Mississippi Museum of Art and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. She is a Fulbright Scholar recipient and has received numerous Mississippi Arts Council Individual artist grants. Her work has been published in Aint Bad Magazine and the Oxford American and is in the permanent collection of the Do Good Fund.