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Valerie Guinn Polgar
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Valerie Guinn Polgar

Art Exhibition
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Valerie Guinn Polgar
Pressing Matter
, 2017
Interactive Installation

Pressing Matter (work in progress) is an exploratory multilayered experience navigated through touch. Inspiration comes from external and internal human anatomy. The final version of this piece is to be experienced as an interactive installation.

March 28th, 2017


Valerie Guinn Polgar is a new media artist, an educator, and founder of misbits: a new media art space. Her work addresses issues of impermanence and fragility through the use of surrogate forms. As an interdisciplinary new media artist, Valerie uses video, animation, and physical computing to create digital and interactive works. Valerie feels that the nature of new media lends itself to the use of surrogate forms within a safe environment where she possesses the control to save and duplicate her work—essentially allowing her to create immortal models of mortality.