Mississippi based/native artists of all disciplines are invited to take the misbits challenge:

You may take the challenge on your own time and complete the following...

1.Create a list of instructions for creating an art object.(and collect materials to accompany list if necessary)

2.Share your list(and materials?) with others and invite them to create something.

3.Document the final products created by your participants.

4.Submit your original instructions(and image of materials?) along with documentation of participant's final products via e-mail.

OR you may turn it into a gallery event/show...
Host your own misbits challenge event by designing an interactive art piece in the gallery space where participants aid in the process of creation through an instruction of your design. The artwork created during the event will remain on display for 2 to 3 weeks and be treated as a standard gallery show/opening with an inclusion in the Oxford Art Crawl. You are encouraged to create a title for your art event/piece.

Artists who take the challenge will be featured on this site through the online gallery.

Need a little more info? Check out the about the challenge page.

Past Show:

Hailey Hodge, misbitsChallenge Event
Pause, Rewind, Play
February 28th - March 21st
event/opening reception held on Tuesday, February 28th from 6pm - 8pm

contact: 1415 University Avenue, Suite L, Oxford, MS, 38655 / 662-612-4730 / e-mail