Hailey Hodge, "Pause, Rewind, Play"
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Pause, Rewind, Play invites visitors to enter a space centered around the theme of distorted memories. Once inside, visitors are asked to add to the piece by sharing a memory of being captured(through film, tape, digitally, etc.) and by crocheting VHS tape.

February 28th - March 21st, 2017
Event/Opening reception held on Tuesday, February 28th from 6pm - 8pm

Hailey Hodge was an MFA candidate in printmaking at The University of Mississippi at the time of this show. Her current work focuses on distortions of memory. "By seeking my past memories, I am reconnecting and re-remembering, which allows me to create new memories based on the old. I am destroying photographs and videos of nostalgic moments in my life. Through digital and sound editing software, I am able to glitch the data to alter the image."

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