about the challenge

New media art, as with any other art form, is shaped by certain truths and principles. A painter, for example, uses a material (usually paint) and manipulates that material over a surface to create a painting. Painting is much more complex than this description, but painting is not painting without this basic structure. New media art is not new media art without the use of numbers and instructions as its basic building blocks. This combination forms independent elements that come together to create something more tangible, like a website for example consisting of text and images. New media art is limited to following certain rules and processes established by hardware, software, or programming languages used to create it. Once a piece of new media art is created, however, the ways in which it can be shared, duplicated, and experienced is unlimited.

The purpose of the misbits challenge is to take characteristics of new media art and have artists apply them to various art forms—giving artists the opportunity to engage directly with community members and giving community members the opportunity to create art. Following a list of instructions is similar to the interaction between a computer and a creator, the sharing in creation element follows the tradition of the open source movement that has been widely embraced by new media artists, and utilizing the natural variations that occur as a result of sharing is an actively evolving characteristic of new media art.
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